The Platform

Trobix Bio has licensed a unique set of proprietary phage-based antibiotic sensitizing solutions. Our novel and proprietary GoTraP™ DNA delivery technology enables to transduce DNA into novel phage-restrictive hosts, providing a platform for myriad applications that require this ability. Our proprietary cutting edge ActiSense™ active sensitization technology applies selection pressure to actively increase the ratio of antibiotic-sensitive bacteria, treating the core problem of antibiotic-resistance formation rather than treating symptoms.

Together, these technologies offer multiple applications across high value sectors with lower regulatory and environmental approval barriers.

  • ActiSense™

    To reverse Antibiotic Resistance

    The ActiSense™ technology creates a selection pressure to reverse antibiotic resistance and thus, sustains an antibiotic sensitive environment (including human tissues and microbiome). The concept is based on the “dual action” of a CRISPR-associated 3 (Cas3) encoding plasmid, guided by multiple sequences that on the one hand, target the antibiotic-resistance genes and destroy them, while on the other hand in parallel, protect bacteria harboring this plasmid against a second “attacking” phage-based particle releasing a growth-inhibitor-encoding plasmid that kills unprotected bacteria.

    This is a key feature. This strategic linkage results in a population shift where all bacteria that now grow will once again be sensitive to antibiotics. The system consequently, harbors sequences that target many different resistance genes.

  • GoTrap™

    Off-the-Shelf Product to Remove Antimicrobial Resistant Bacteria

    To develop a platform to create “off-the-shelf” products, the team established the GOTraP™ platform that uses non-replicating phage-based particles rather than bona-fide phages for injecting a desired genetic payload (CRISPR-Cas or growth inhibitors) into desired bacteria. The platform allows production of particles with extended host range. GOTraP™ direct-evolution technology optimizes DNA delivery into specific strains by directed selection.