Product Pipeline

Trobix plans to use its GoTraP™ and ActiSense™ platform technologies to springboard a pipeline of products for treating human antibacterial resistant infections.

Our initial pipeline is focused on developing human therapeutic products that abolish carbapenem and ESBL resistance in gut Enterobacteriaceae.

Promising New Product Opportunities to Fight Antibiotic Resistance

Trobix Bio plans to explore other potential opportunities using its platform technology to develop new antibacterial products to serve various sectors in the fight against antimicrobial resistance.
Such sectors include:


  • Consumer Health
    Non-antibiotic products such as disinfectants and hand sanitizers that can kill and sensitize antibiotics in hospital and community settings for safer environmental control.

  • Animal Farming
    Reducing the overuse of antibiotics by developing non-antibiotic treatments for various animal infectious diseases.

  • Food Safety
    Developing non-antibiotic based products to remove food poisoning causing bacteria in poultry and meat.


We welcome collaborations to advance the development of novel products.
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