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Our Mission

Fighting Antibiotic Resistance
by Eliminating it

Leveraging our cutting edge ActiSense™ and GOTrap™ platform technologies to develop a portfolio of high-quality antibacterial products that remove the threat of antimicrobial resistance.

Trobix Bio Phage
Trobix Bio – Tackling Antibiotic Resistance using our Unique Phage-based Antimicrobial Resistance Sensitizing Solutions

Trobix Bio holds a unique set of proprietary patent pending phage-based antibiotic resistance sensitizing solutions. Our cutting-edge active sensitization technology, ActiSense™, applies selection pressure to reverse antibiotic resistance, thereby treating the core problem of the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Our proprietary GOTraP™ DNA delivery technology significantly extends DNA transduction into desired bacterial hosts.

Trobix Bio has an exclusive worldwide license for this technology, invented by Prof. Udi Qimron and his team at Tel Aviv University in Israel.