Our Advantage

Technological Innovation Combating Antibiotic Resistance


  • In-Vivo Selection
    Favoring antibiotic-sensitive bacteria to allow treatment with commonly used antibiotics.

  • Highly Selective
    Little to no disruption of the microbiome precisely targeting the infecting agent and not other “bystander” bacteria.

  • Circumventing Bacteria Resistance

    • Removing the “motivation” for bacterial antimicrobial resistance development by generating bona-fide counter-selection pressure.
    • Minimizing the possibility to develop antibiotic resistance with the creation of a “cross acting particle cocktail” including variant sequences to target each resistant gene.
  • Reduction of Horizontal Transfer of Antibiotic Resistant Genes by destroying these elements.

  • Safe Non-GMO Products due to non-replicating particles.

  • CMC – all with particles based on the same scaffold and produced in E. coli:

    • Using well-known scale-up and production processes.
    • Each particle cocktail to follow the same production scheme simplifying production and reducing cost.